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That time I was covered in a strange rash in the Bahamas

Nassau, Bahamas
By Nate 6 years agoNo Comments
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The Caribbean is an amazing region of the world, I have vacationed there a couple different times. The ocean is super warm and very clear. If you hunt around, you can find great spots to snorkel, skin dive, relax on the beach, and also great scuba options as well.{@}

On one of my trips, a group of friends and I went to the Bahamas. We were having a great time, when around day 3 my upper body started breaking out in this weird blister-rash that seriously itched liked crazy. It started out in just a few places, but throughout the day it started spreading all over my upper torso. I had know idea if I got stung by something in the ocean, came in contact with something strange in the sand, or maybe even a weird reaction to some of the vegetation. All I knew is that I was covered in this plague and itched like crazy.

By the evening I was miserable, just covered in this strange malady and itched all over. It got to the point where we had to make a quick run to the closest grocery mart and I loaded up on all sorts of anti-rash and anti-itch cremes and medications. I covered myself in those cremes. I needed relief from the itching and I needed it fast. It took a 30-40 minutes, but I did start feeling some measure of relief.

The crazy rash-hives lasted the rest of the vacation, but the assortment of cremes made everything much more bearable and I was able to enjoy my time, just with some itching and looking a little like a cross between the plague victims you see in movies and an aborigine. I still have no idea what caused that rash, I just hope to never have to experience that again. Like most crazy things that happen to us in life, and especially on vacations, this experience has just become one of so many funny vacation memories. My friends even joke about that time I was “covered in boils”, or suffering from the “plague”.

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