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Tangerines and Toilet Money

One of the things I miss the most living outside of the US for the past 4 years is the availability of semi-decent, free toilets (but not necessarily the huge gap between bathroom doors that is inevitably present in all US public bathrooms) when travelling. My toilet anxiety can be chalked up to

That time we found a sweet secluded skin diving spot in the Bahamas

On one of those vacations, a group of friends and I went to Nassau in the Bahamas. We had an amazing time (except for the crazy blister-hives I developed), and had the luck of finding a sweet secluded snorkeling and skin diving spot right off the shore. It had the added bonus of having a

That time all our food was eaten by birds at Lake Powell

One particular Lake Powell vacation we were camping out at Lone Rock Beach. We had gone out for the day exploring around the lake and it was the late afternoon by the time we were heading back to camp. Our campsite was right on the edge of the lake so we

That time I was lost in a sea of Japanese people

One of my earliest vacation memories is when my family took a trip over to the Philippines, at the time we were living on the Air Force base in Guam. On our way to the Philippines we had a layover in the Tokyo airport. I think we were rushing to our connecting flight and at some point I became

That time I almost died on a horse in India

We were on our way back from a weekend vacation taking a break from the hectic development release schedule, and we stopped at a random sight seeing spot. It was a lookout point, great for seeing the sunset. They had a bunch of side tourist trap type things at the stop, and one of them was riding

That time I was almost murdered in my sleep in Vietnam

This particular event took place early on in the trip. We had been traveling a few days and had made it about a quarter of the way up Vietnam and found ourselves in Nha Trang with all the tickets on the sleeper train we needed sold out. The whole trip was on a pretty tight timetable so we really

That time I chased a sloth up a tree in the Amazon

It was a guys trip, my dad, brother, and I. The first part of the trip was in the Cuzco area visiting Machu Picchu, an amazing place. If you ever make it to Peru, make sure to visit both Machu Picchu and the Amazon, both are equally incredible. Let me first get you oriented to our location, we

That time I was covered in a strange rash in the Bahamas

On one of my trips, a group of friends and I went to the Bahamas. We were having a great time, when around day 3 my upper body started breaking out in this weird blister-rash that seriously itched liked crazy. It started out in just a few places, but throughout the day it started spreading all