Our passion for vacations has lead us to create the perfect place to plan your next vacation and coordinate with your family and friends. Take a look at all of the features we offer below.

MAXIMIZE your vacation time

No one should let even 1 hour of their vacation time go to waste. This is one of your most precious commodities!

Coordinate with friends and family

It has never been easier to decide who, when, and where you are going with your friends and family.

Make your vacations happen

Create as many vacation plans as you want. The sooner you start planning the sooner they can come to fruition. Start planning your dream vacations now.

Create a budget

Set a budget and stick to it with our auto-budget feature. Keep track of all potential costs so that your vacation stays a wonderful memory even after you return home.

Create a detailed itinerary

Save all of your info ahead of time so that the only thing you have to do on your vacation is relax and have fun!

Plan the best possible vacation

With planning you will be able to maximize your vacation experience and minimize any pains or difficulties that could arise.


Each year 2 out of every 14 vacation days go unused, that is over 400,000,000 vacation days a year across the US. This needs to stop America. We have created myVacation to make sure you spend that needed quality time with your family and friends.

About Us

We have set forth to create the perfect vacation planning utility that will enable you along with your friends and family to create the perfect vacation experiences. MyVacation has been years in the making, we have analzyed and researched the best tools for planning a vacation. For too long have all of us used email, spreadsheets, and word docs to plan our vacation. We for one, had enough.

We created myVacation to enable easy communication and decision with family and friends, along with the ability to quickly enter in vacation details which can then be used to auto-create a budget and itinerary. We hope you love our product as much as we do. Our only goal is to help the world enjoy better vacations!

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Fun Facts About myVacation

Each completed vacation makes the world a better place for everyone.
We strive to help you have the best possible experience with your family and friends.


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